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This site is dedicated to programming for attorneys.  My name is John Murray.  I programmed for IBM from 1989-1993.  I then programmed for Cisco from 1993-2001.

After having a great career as a networking programmer, I went to law school and practiced law.

I am now an attorney and a programmer.  I specialize in

  • employment law,
  • intellectual property,
  • patents,
  • trademarks, and
  • copyright.

I have also worked as a domestic law attorney, but I am not doing much in that area today. Fighting over children and the disintegration of marriages is carried on by many noble attorneys, but I just don’t have the heart for that type of work any more.

At the same time, I am a software architect and software engineer.  I use software to automate my law practice and to help others to automate their practices.  I especially like

As I build some new websites for my programming  and legal work, I will add a few notes here from time to time.

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